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A Short Message From the Owner

"Hello! My name is Carissa and I am a professional photographer who has experience photographing everything from babies to real estate. I love being a photographer and posing people in a glamourous way, which is why I am focusing on photographing adults. I edit my portraits in a way that makes skin flawless and rich colors pop! Quality is important to me and I only offer products that meet my high standards. I excel at listening to people and their needs, unique posing, and creating an unforgettable experience for my clients."

What to Expect


Welcome to the consultation! It is during this time we will meet and discuss your vision for the photoshoot. We will give you guidance on everything you need to know to ensure the day of the photoshoot runs smoothly. This is a short meeting and takes approximately 30 minutes. 


Lights, camera, smile! Today is YOUR day and you are going to feel beautiful. The day will begin with your hair and make up professionally applied. Next, we will photograph you using special techniques designed to slim your body. After a couple of wardrobe changes you will be finished and leave our studio feeling confident and gorgeous. Take the rest of the day to pamper yourself, you deserve it!  


It is the day you have been waiting for, your portraits are ready for viewing! This will be our final meeting. At this time you will be shown your portraits and will decide if you want to display them in an Italian hand made Reveal Box or a Framed Fine Art Print. Expect to spend 30 minutes to an hour with us.